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Revive the Recipe Card

Recipe cards have been an important part of theAmerican home for many years.   Not only are they a way of communicating information, they communicate tradition, emotion, and memories.    That is why Trifle Recipe Cards has dedicated our site to honoring the memories of our mothers and grandmothers. In an era where many chefs now print their recipes, we are losing the memories, history, and emotion that goes with a hand written recipe card.  There is something special about looking at your mother or grandmothers handwriting while you cook, knowing that they too were once fending off a tired, crying child while trying to get a meal prepared.    We love the idea of reviving the grease stained, sauce smudged glory days of the recipe card and hope that one day our kids and grand-kids will flip through our recipe box as they struggle to prep a meal for their family.    So shop, enjoy our website, and help us revive the recipe card!